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Pudacuo National Park

     Believe it or not, this is the only National Park in China and it’s beautiful. Located 50 minutes outside of town off of Road 214, the 500 square mile park has a visitor center, two lakes, a number of interesting minority villages, lush forests and pasture views. At the visitor center you take a park bus to the first stop 8 miles away from where you can walk for a mile to several miles on a raised wooden walkway, pass by Shudu Lake 300 acres in size and then catch the bus again to your next destination.

    Bita Hai Lake is 11,482 feet above sea level and is usually the next lake you will encounter. It is surrounded by dense forests that are spectacular to see in their late October autumn colors. The bus lets you off a few feet from the wharf where you can catch a boat ride around the lake and the island in the center. Price for the boat ride is 30 Yuan. It is just over a mile from the where the boat lets you off to the bus pick up point. Alternatively, some travelers walk down the 1.2-mile path from the South entrance and hike to and exit the park from the West entrance. Getting to the West entrance requires both a boat and ferry ride, depending on your stamina the entire hike can take 4-6 hours. Horses are also available if you prefer to riding to walking. 

    Included in the park’s 190 Yuan admission fee is free admission to Xiagei Village or “Xiagei Only For tourists Interested In Shopping Village”, most of which is still under construction at the time if this writing. Our recommendation is to pass on this stop unless you are easily captivated by the unreal and surreal.

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