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Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve

    The Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve is home to over 3,500 plant species, 318 of which are found no where else in the world, 40 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds. Travelers are drawn to the reserve for its azaleas, perhaps the most famous flower in China. Of the 800 varieties of azaleas, over 600 kinds have been found in China. Usually, the azalea is 1-3 feet tall. However, in the Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve, near Tengchong, their Giant azaleas grow from 9-25 feet tall and have thousands of blooms.  The oldest trees are over 500 years old. As in so many places, the park is under environmental stress from dam construction, it’s definitely a see it while you can spot.

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